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Avacom Accounts Payable Solution

It’s not easy to respond to the growing and unpredictable demands of business these days. Rising costs, increased competition, inconsistent quality and more demanding customers. How do you respond? How do you compete? How do you deliver on demand?


Where customers can have products and services specific to their needs. Where employees can access information 24/7. Where organizations can operate in sync with market fluctuations. Where you can innovate, differentiate, and create new value and profits.

Just like that. On demand.


From tracking invoices to printing checks to dealing with vendors, Avacom Accounts Payable (A/P) Solution streamlines procedures across your entire portfolio. No matter what processing method you choose – cash, accrual, or combination – Avacom Accounts Payable (A/P) Solution helps you improve cash flow and lower costs while gaining greater control over your accounts payable process.


  • Reduce your accounting costs by up to 50%.
  • Enhance Sarbanes-Oxley compliance control.
  • Capture early payment discount options.
  • Negotiation leverage via prompt payment.
  • Prevent overcharge and duplicate payments.
  • Filter out unreasonable spending.
  • Prevent regulatory problems.
  • More effectively manage cash flow.


  • Capture, store and manage incoming paper, faxed, cXML, and EDI invoices.
  • Configurable 2-way and 3-way invoice matching with P.O.’s and Goods Receipt.
  • Integration with accounting and business application in real time.
  • Real-time invoice validation and matching.
  • Automated approval workflow processes.
  • Online status tracking.
We’re Your Business Partner

As an early provier in the arena of Business Process Management such as Accounts Payable. Avacom has continued to ass new solutions and services to maintain its leadership role.

Our Accounts Payable solution is Customizable. Provides end-to-end capture, workflow and processing of invoices and supporting Accounts Payable documents. Integrates with back-end databases and business applications.

Our AP solutions include two significant, industry-leading, application enabling utilities: Avacom InfoCapture and AvaFlow. Each offers significant productivity gains for client business processes. Together they combine those gains while enhancing client standard business applications. Avacom will continue to increase its solution offerings.

Today with thousands of users, hundreds of installations and more than 50 business partners, Avacom remains a premier Business Process Management Solution provider for enterprise-wide deployment. Avacom’s professional staff in the United States and Canada continues to provide high-level customer support for its products.

Value of IBM

IBM® has been implementing software solutions for organizations of all sizes across all industries for years.

Take IBM Software. It enables you to integrate, access and manage your business environment and help you to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, manage risk, outpace competitors and deliver clear return on investment. IBM Software will help you build and manage a robust infrastructure, one that features interoperability, flexibility, reliability and scalability

And that’s just the beginning. Through our relationship with IBM, we have the business experience and technological know-how to help you compete in an on demand world. From meeting the needs of mid-sized businesses with the IBM Express Advantage™ offerings to understand the challenges and rewards of business transformation, we know how to get results.

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