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Avacom solutions give you real-time accessibility across your entire enterprise to your important documents and data, so you can streamline your business process, bring products to market faster, get more out of procurement, and eliminate duplication of effort.

Avacom is a leader in Content Management solutions, offering comprehensive software and services that can address your unique needs.

Avacom Software Solutions

Avacom InfoCapture :
This solution helps companies capture data, content and documents from a multitude of sources. Data and documents from such sources as fax, internet (XML), scanned paper or email (electronic.doc, .exl) can be captured and delivered to employees and customers.

AvaFlow :
This integration and application platform is the technical foundation for Avacom Workflow and Capture Business Suites. Avacom Capture/Workflow Suite delivers a complete, open, and flexible infrastructure that allows you to integrate Avacom Solution and IBM Content Manager software with Legacy applications to easily streamline the daily business process.

Accounts Payable :
This customizable solution provides end-to-end capture, workflow and process of invoices and supporting documents. It allows integration with back end databases and Legacy applications and storage of data and documentation in an IBM Content Manager repository Download Fact Sheet.

Avacom Archive for MS Exchange :
Avacom Email and Messaging Archive for an Exchange server is a complete solution that connects to your network and manages email-messaging archive and retrieval. Avacom email and Messaging Archive for an Exchange Server helps businesses adhere to industry regulatory rules and other legal requirements, without worrying about the burden of long-term storage on their messaging system servers. Download Fact Sheet

Avacom VIIS a solution for mobile business :
With these solutions, you can leverage your existing Content Manager and Data Repository investment by extending key business processes to your mobile workforce through a variety of mobile devices, including palmtop computers, personal digital assistants (PDA's), and laptops.

More Customized Software Solutions from Avacom

Compliance and governance :
Avacom solutions With IBM Content Management software deliver regulatory-specific functionality across a broad range of industries and countries. With Avacom solutions, you can develop an integrated compliance, risk management, and governance strategy for the short and long terms -- driving results that are sustainable through changes in industry and regulatory compliance laws.

Human Resource :
Manages all the employees documentation and records for the enterprise with the Records Management feature.

Content Manager solutions for small and midsize businesses :
These affordable, prepackaged, and easy-to-implement solutions are designed to deliver Content and Data Capture, Content Management and Workflow functionality and industry best practices to small and midsize companies.

Insurance Underwriter Processing :
This adaptive Workflow/Content Management solution optimizes underwriters most critical business processes. Built on the Avacom AvaFlow and InfoCapture platforms, this solution integrates with IBM Content Manager, Legacy applications and other databases. The flow of documents and data within the underwriter business process is optimized which translates to more policies processed.

Vendor Relationship Management :
This solution provides managing cases and documents related to vendors for retail industry and creates a form letter base to be sent to vendors.

Workforce - Employment :
This solution provides Content Management and workflow processing for employment consolers for job applicants.

Workforce - Eligibility and Welfare :
This solution provides case management and document verifications for welfare eligibility for states welfare and labor agencies.

Natural Resources Related Document Management with GIS Interface :
This solution empowers both government agencies and citizens to access natural resources documents from applications to environmental impact documents to permits and historical maps using a GIS interface.

Avacom Integration program for enterprises :
This program supports the seamless integration of Avacom's capture and Workflow Solutions and IBM Content Manager system into the larger system landscape -- enabling your enterprise to take advantage of these cost-effective solutions to support managing business processes, data, documents and Content Management for subsidiaries, corporate subdivisions, customers and vendors.

The entire range of Avacom solutions delivers the highest quality standards solutions for Content Management and business workflow, helping you outperform competitors.

Online Tools

Our online tools can help you evaluate Avacom solutions, and determine which solutions are best for you.

Avacom ROI Calculator :
These calculators help you understand the return on your investment and gauge how much value you can add by implementing the Avacom and IBM Content Management solution.

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