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Avacom VIIS Solution for Mobile Business

Solution That Keeps Your Business Information and Content on the Run

Today’s businesses are integrated, with dispersed worker force at different geographical locations working as a single team. They respond business needs in real time. And they need to be decisive, with documents and data at their finger tip.

That’s why today’s market leaders need the power of avacom VIIS solutions for mobile business — our solution set that includes ready-made applications that provide access to information and processes anytime, anywhere, and on a variety of mobile devices.

With Avacom VIIS, you can get the most from your Workflow and Content Management investments and capitalize on the solutions you’ve already implemented. Avacom VIIS for mobile business work seamlessly with the Avacom Business Suite family of business solutions and backend databases and document repositories. Avacom VIIS solution a support popular mobile devices in either connected or disconnected mode.

In addition to these ready-made applications, Avacom
VIIS includes mobile features and functions to support business workflow management, business intelligence, and other key areas.

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VIIS solutions include these state-of-the-art applications:

  • VIIS Mobile Sales – Provides a solution for salespeople who need to perform their tasks quickly and productively
  • VIIS Mobile Service – Enables field engineers to react quickly to business process requirements and customer needs
  • VIIS Mobile Procurement – Enables your mobile workers to manage the entire procurement process, from price comparison to ordering
  • VIIS Mobile Direct Store Delivery – Empowers delivery personnel with the tools to service customers and manage relationships

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