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Enterprise Workflow and Content Management Architecture

Realize the benefits of Enterprise Workflow and Content Management Architecture enabled by the Avacom AvaFlow and IBM Content Manager platforms in your own business. Avacom provides a set of professional services, content, tools, and templates to help you manage the strategic transition to a data and content on demand architecture based on your specific needs.

Avacom AvaFlow: Foundation to Enable and Manage processes that can involve data, documents, systems, and people.

Can your company adapt quickly enough to respond to new challenges or seize new opportunities? With Avacom AvaFlow, it can.

Avacom Avaflow

AvaFlow can include and utilize the following components and tools:

Additional Components

  • IBM DB2 Content Manger
  • IBM DB2 Database Manager
  • Avacom Accounts Payable

Included Tools and Components

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • Avacom Integration Program for Enterprises
  • AvaFlow Administration Manager

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AvaFlow Supports Long-running Business Process Workflow

Avacom AvaFlow supports long-running business process workflows as they interact with data, information systems and people. It automates and tracks business processes in accordance with business design. AvaFlow provides integration processes with access to databases and document repositories and supports human interactions. With AvaFlow you can bring systems, data, documents and people into a managed process integration environment for EAI, B2Bi, BAM and BPM solutions, supporting service-oriented architectures based on open standards. A comprehensive integration and application platform, Avacom AvaFlow works with your existing IT infrastructure to enable and manage change. With Avacom AvaFlow, you can flexibly and rapidly design, build, implement, and execute new business processes and workflows. You can also drive innovation throughout your organization by combining existing systems while maintaining a sustainable cost structure.

AvaFlow embraces Internet standards such as HTTP, XML, and Web services. It offers compatibility with open standards including J2EE™. Enables use with IBM WebSphere Application Server for design, analysis, simulation and monitoring of process improvements.

Operating systems: AvaFlow servers run on Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003; AIX®, HP-UX, Solaris®, and Linux®.

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