Surveillance Systems Archiving


Our Ava-STOR Surveillance Video and Storage Management Software


Ava-STOR surveillance video and storage management software provides the customers with easy access, long-term backups and ultra fast searching capabilities for videos of any size. Surveillance and security teams can use the software for live monitoring, as well as investigative and forensic purposes, using archived footage.This product provides the tools for unlimited scalability and flexibility to manage large and small security needs. This product provides you with the power to control your security installations. It is designed for flexibility and scalability.


Why is our

storage system

so effective?

AvaStor is a software solution that provides the new LTO-6 (Linear Tape Open) Tape Library Technology within a network and thereby guarantees benefits such as simplicity, flexibility, and fast data access.

AvaStor backs up vast amounts of data to a reliable and cost-effective data carrier.

Data that is rarely or even never used can be optimally secured or archived on a long-term basis.

In this way, they will be even available after 10 to 30 years.AvaStor also handles the exchange of large volumes of data in a simple manner.

Data can be transferred quickly and easily through the transportability of individual magnetic tapes without the time-consuming copying to hard disk systems or Cloud Server. 

The functionalities of

Ava-Stor at a glance

Providing any size network storage

Access to Tape Libraries in local corporate network without prior modification or installation

Direct network access to individual tapes

Quick checking of contents of external tapes without previous import

Simultaneous writing and reading access for multiple users

Fast data access due to transparent data cache

Fully automatic administration, reading, writing, and provision of tapes

Plug & Play commissioning and administration due to intuitive user interface

Simple extension of network storage

Contents and data on tape are always visible and searchable